Life, So Far, Is Just Great

We are really enjoying our new  home and our new place of residence.  Our fellow residents have done  so much to make us feel welcome and accepted as members of this community of RVers.  

The fellowship is amazing.  You can be as social, or nonsocial,  as you choose to be. As mentioned before, there are over 100 activities offered right here at the park so there’s always something to do. You are also close enough to activities outside of the park, if that’s your preference. Frank  and I have different interests so we’ve chosen different activities to investigate although we’ll both golf and attend the digital photography sessions to learn how to operate these cameras we have more efficiently.  We will also take an offsite puppy training class with Snowball to “enhance” the obedience training she had before we hit the road. She’s having a blast, by the way!!

We had a wonderful time at the Thanksgiving Day gathering, a potluck event filled with all the great fixings shared by the residents who attended. Every Sunday night is the ice cream social followed by live entertainment of some sort.  Ice cream is 75 cents ($1 if you need a bowl and spoon). Last night was the Christmas Feast which was actually the holiday staff appreciation dinner. The park residents use this dinner to express their thanks  to all of the park staff for their hard work during the year.  There were more than 300 in attendance which included some of the residents, some of the park employees and their families.  Santa and Mrs. Claus were on hand to greet everyone. After dinner, the children were called individually to sit on Santa’s knee for the photo op while a parent read the letter to Santa that described whether they’ve been bad or good and what they’d like to receive this Christmas. The evening ended with a carol sing. Next up will be the Christmas Day potluck dinner followed by the New Year’s Eve dinner and dance.

Yesterday was also moving day for us. The site we originally leased for the year was really nice and spacious. Unfortunately it also got sun all day. Even with the awning out there was no shade which made it a bit difficult to enjoy sitting outside and also made the RV hot. The air conditioning ran constantly but we only began to cool off once the sun went down. We were able to secure another site that is absolutely beautiful.  It is situated on a corner so now we have a “side yard” as well as our patio, huge driveway, concrete parking area for the golf cart (which we found to be a necessity), and the storage shed. There is a beautiful trellis on the side that separates the patio from the driveway.

Best of all are the incredible neighbors in this part of the park. One gentleman (Tom) volunteered his power washer to clean up the concrete at the site. Then he came over and drove our fifth wheel to the new site. With his 37 years of truck driving experience,  the rig was parked in a snap. He’s promised to give me lessons on how to maneuver in and out of the tricky spot. He even took time to trim some leaves from the tree to ensure that they didn’t scratch our paint!  We’ve also had visits from most of the block to welcome us and to let us know that we are going to love being here. We think they’re right about that for sure!

Today we established our relationship with the medical facility in the area. We’ve met a very lovely young doctor who was very thorough in getting our information and taking charge of our care while we are here.  The staff was extremely friendly and caring, as well. We left the office feeling very confident that we will be in good hands.  Added to that is the fact that we have emergency first responders here on site. Each of us is given a vial of life in which we must place our medical and emergency contact information.  Both of us have our own vials which are kept in the refrigerator door. We also keep vials in the glove compartment of the truck. A great idea that we pass along to you for your own use.

So, as we enter a season of celebration and holiday cheer, we wish you all love, joy and peace.  


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