…So Much More

We’ve been “on the road” for almost two months. Some of our friends and family have asked how we’re doing, what we think and feel?  “Is it what you expected?” The only answer we can give is that it’s what we expected and SOOOOOOO much more!!

As we continued on the journey to our Florida destination, we were afforded the opportunity to travel on roads off the interstate.  What a mind-blowing experience!! Some people don’t like the two-lane roads that pass through towns and farmland but what a fantastic sight! How awesome it was to see humble trailer homes next door to the fancy mansions across from the silos down the road from the acres of corn and cotton.  We know some would find it to be incredibly irritating to drive along at 60 mph to then hear the GPS announce “speed limit reduced ahead” and have the speed reduce to 45 mph and then, in just a few hundred feet, drop to 30 mph. We were having such fun checking out the landscape that we began to look forward to the speed reductions!! We knew that we would see some of the beauty that is America, but what we saw was so much more.

Certainly, having some issues with our home on wheels while on the trip threatened to put a damper on our fun, but we were determined that nothing–absolutely nothing–was going to steal the enjoyment of our lives that we had planned. Having a tire develop two bubbles–one which burst–was definitely NOT in the plan. Determining that it would be in our best interest to be safe and purchase four new tires to replace the ones on the RV that we’d had for less than a month was not something we thought we’d have to do, but we were so grateful that the issue occurred before we got on the interstate. Having to make arrangements to replace the fender skirt that fell off as we were driving was not in the plan, but we were grateful that we were able to save it before it was totally destroyed.

Driving onto the road of our destination and seeing Travelers Park RV Resort and Golf Course for the very first time was absolutely breathtaking. It looked exactly like the photos on the internet (www.traverlersrestresort.com) and it was an absolutely gorgeous sight. Because we had been delayed several hours dealing with the tire issue, we got here just before dark and missed the office. We knew the number of our site but had not a clue as to how to get there.  These wonderful angels in a golf cart saw us stopped in the roadway, came up, volunteered to help and got us “home”. Additional angels came out to help us get parked because, at this point, it was dark and we really couldn’t see well.  

Waking up the next morning to the realization that we had arrived at our new home locale was overwhelming. This park and the surrounding area are just so much more than we imagined or expected.  There are over 100 activities on site. There are three lakes, three ponds, a creek, a golf course, tennis courts, a brand new pool, picnic area, gorgeous garden, pet walk, exercise and bath compound (which Snowball is LOVING!!), post office, and fire station.  Shopping areas, although not just around the corner, are within reasonable traveling distance and the view on the way is not to be missed, for the area has horse farms, cows, wooded areas and park-like settings. (By the way, Snowball has made friends with many of the dogs and puppies here, but her new BFF is a cow from the neighboring farm.)

Because the park is so huge, most of the residents travel from place to place in golf carts, depending on where you live and where you have to get to.  There are about 4 miles of roadway! It’s great, as you’re moving along, to see your neighbors wave to you. That’s also true when you go to the grocery store! People wave to you from their cars, and speak to you, pleasantly, in the store. So unlike what we’re used to. We’ve even had store managers walk up to ask if we’ve found everything we’re looking for.  If you say no, or ask for a particular item, they will walk you to the area!  Amazing!! Our favorite store, right now, is Publix Supermarket. Not only do they bag your groceries for you, but they take the shopping cart, walk you to your car, and help you unload the groceries.  REALLY????? That’s customer service to the ultimate, don’t you think?

We have become official Florida residents, going to the County Clerk to title and register our vehicle and RV in Florida, get Florida driver’s licenses, and register to vote. It was a painless experience, to say the least, and really took no time at all.

Currently, we’re looking over the exhaustive list of activities to determine which ones we really want to check out. Many of our neighbors, those that live on our street, and those that know we’re “newbies”, (everyone in the park has a name badge; ours have red dots because we’re new) have stopped by to introduce themselves, offer any assistance we might need, and invite us to some of the things going on, including our weekly block party. The park administration has also been fantastic in answering any of our questions and helping with anything we need (including re-parking our RV so that we would have the ultimate usage of our assigned space).

How are things going and are we satisfied with our decision?  On a scale of 1 to 10, we’re at 12!!  We are, indeed, living our dream…., on the road.



One thought on “…So Much More

  1. I really enjoyed this blog. You had me smiling all the way through. I especially enjoyed your description of our “southern hospitality” at the grocers and elsewhere. Seeing it through your eyes gave me a fresh appreciation of something I take for granted. Welcome to the South my dear cousins!😃


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