Yikes! We’ve Got A Lotta Stuff!

Downsizing is a whole lot of work!  I knew we had lots of stuff, but it seems like we have a lot more than I thought.  We’ve already boxed and donated an entire set of dishes and tons of clothes – some gently used, some brand new (tags and all)! But there seems to be so much more still left.

We’ve boxed up all the DVDs we have, separating the ones we think we absolutely must keep and now having the family check out the rest for any they may want. Whatever is left, hopefully,  will be donated to the Kiwanis Garage Sale this coming weekend. Now we’ve got to go through all of the CDs and there are what seems to be a ton of them. Of course there’s some music that we just love, so maybe I’ll add them to my iTunes  and, eventually, make some playlists for our IPods. After that, they’ll also get boxed up and donated or sold.

Then, there must be a gazillion family photos, taken, collected and saved by our parents that are decades old and hold wonderful memories. We have to figure out how to save them in a space efficient way. Certainly, if anyone has constructive and helpful suggestions, they would be happily received.

And, let’s not forget about the bookcases filled with books. Gosh!!! It’s overwhelming, to say the least.

Somehow, we’ll get through it all but right now my head feels like it’s about to explode just thinking about it!

So, keep an eye out for the next update on our preparations and progress toward living our dream, on the road.



3 thoughts on “Yikes! We’ve Got A Lotta Stuff!

  1. Going thru the same, don’t know why I had so many kitchen appliances and gadgets since I don’t even like to cook. Many RVers scan photos so they’re stored in a computer or the Cloud. We are going to have a mini-house as a home base so some books and our vintage records will stay there – we also love our music!


  2. In reference to the many photos and albums you may have I think scanning them is a great idea. I also have gone through some of the pictures and pick out the ones that really matter. I threw out a lot of just scenery pics. Happy Trails. Look forward to following you and Frank through your travels.


  3. I went with an Epson Workforce DS 560 scanner. It scanned two sided documents and does a wonderful job with any size photo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFw3K9AgsDo

    I might have found a smaller scanner if we were traveling full time. ScanSnap are good models with high ratings:


    I also use an app with my phone called Camscanner for odd size stuff. https://www.camscanner.com/

    An inspiring moment was when I scanned my college diplomas and other then important documents – and shredded/burnt the originals. To me it meant I had excepted the idea of moving on to the next phase in life.

    An added bonus of scanning photos included the ability to send copies to my sisters and brother.


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