Sidelined For Now…

We have had an incredible year. Since our last post, we’ve been dealing with health issues that have prevented us from traveling as we’d hoped to do.  Most of our trips have been to doctors and hospitals, although, thankfully, we have had a few opportunities to spend time–happy time–with friends, enjoying great meals, or seeing movies we’ve enjoyed, or spending a great New Year’s Eve out with friends, or just “hanging out” at home with each other.

All of that came to an end on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at approximately 8:15 a.m. when Frank’s earthly life suddenly came to an end.  It was truly unexpected.  There were no real signs.  We saw no warning.  We’d spent an incredibly wonderful evening in Tampa, FL at The Straz Center. We shared an absolutely scrumptious meal at Maestro’s Restaurant and then got to see the fabulous production of “The Color Purple”. An awesome evening.  Frank loved every minute of it.  Raved about it. He was so excited. So animated. So happy. And he talked about planning our next trip there to see “Hamilton”.  Who knew that it would be his last evening? Certainly not either one of us.

Although I am heartbroken, I am so grateful for the almost three years we had of our retirement and travel together. We saw some beautiful places. We met some extraordinary people. And we settled down in the best community ever–Travelers Rest Resort and Golf Course–for all of our neighbors not only welcomed us and immediately made us part of the family, but they have come to my aid and have been so loving and supportive during this difficult time.

It was an honor to love Frank in life. It was an honor to hold him in my arms as he transitioned quickly and smoothly from this world to the next. My memories are too many to count and they surround me with each passing minute.

Perhaps the time will come when, once again, I will be living our dream…., on the road. For now, I will remain sidelined. There are many small trips I can make. Many beautiful places still left to discover in Florida. And, he’ll be right there with me, as he continues to reside in my heart. Love never dies.

Rest eternally in peace, my love…, until we meet again.


One thought on “Sidelined For Now…

  1. Rose, we are so very sorry for your loss. We so enjoyed getting to know you and Frank in our travels and seeing you in both Florida and Vermont. Our hearts break for you, but glad you will be able to take some trips and bring him along in spirit. You are in our prayers.


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