Can You Say Change of Plans…., Again?

Our last post had us leaving before the crack of dawn to make a five-hour drive from upstate NY to Carlisle, PA.  We got everything packed up and secured, and proceeded to do our first departure routine.  We followed all the directions that had been verbally received the day before from the technicians at our pick up site and double-checked by following the directions posted on or trailer.  Everything seemed to be fine, or so we thought. Suddenly, it was a “Houston, we have a problem” moment. One of the six levelers absolutely refused to retract! Oh, no!!!

What to do, what to do?  Well, let’s get the others down and try again!  That seemed to be a logical move!  Nay, nay!! This one leveler was refusing to do anything and with it down, we weren’t going anywhere!

So, soaked to the bone, once again, we went back inside and determined that we would have to wait until the service department opened so we could call and get some help.  We opened up the slides for the living room, dining room/kitchen, unpacked the coffee maker, coffee and cups and got ready to wait. As we opened the cabinet and turned on the television, we made another discovery – the cabinet shelves were wet. Why??? The roof was leaking with water running down the wire from the satellite dish into the cabinet.  No bueno! Additional to the “leak scenario” – a leak behind the toilet, apparently at the connection from the water source to the toilet (much better than the other end, yes?). Double no bueno!!

Apparently, we were not supposed to “hit the road” on the way to PA in hurricane-type rain. At least one of the roads we were supposed to travel was closed due to extreme flooding. Our contact to sales secured us a nest-day appointment. A call to our driving instructor secured us a rescheduled appointment for next week and, therefore, better travel time with the opportunity to get a good night’s rest before the lesson. A call to the park in PA allowed us to reschedule our reservation without penalty (thank you Western Village RV Park). And, best of all, we get to stay at Arrowhead Marina and RV Park until the end of the week with a great location, view and absolutely awesome hosts who have been so very helpful as we experience the wonderful world of camping, living our dream, on the road.


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