Patience, My Dear, Patience

Since our last post, it seems as if we’ve just stalled.  We haven’t, of course, but things just appeared to slow down a bit. The focus turned to getting more involved with downsizing as well as working hard to prepare for the impending retirement. With so many things to do, there was no time to write. And the clock continued to tick. And the impatience creeped in. When is the closing going to happen? When can we place the orders for the truck and the rig? When will they be delivered? When can we get on the road? When…, when…., when???  Uh,oh!  Is that frustration rearing its ugly head, too?

Well, it was time to step back and take a long, cleansing breath.  Time to re-focus and get into the mindset that we’re going to be looking forward to living in, very shortly. Get out of worry mode!

Once that was done, things seem to get a bit better.  The answers to some of the questions are beginning to show up. The closing should be happening next week. And, with that thought in mind, we started investigating where trucks and rigs might be available–in stock, rather than waiting to order. We found a rig, but we’d have to travel to get it, and we still didn’t have a truck to bring it back home. Bummer!

Okay, time to regroup again. From what we could gather, the truck would take longer to get than the fifth wheel because of what we are looking for. So, we decided to look for the truck first and place that order BEFORE we order the fifth wheel. Some internet searching after a conversation with a friend who thought they saw what we were looking for a few towns over, put us in gear, and we set out to take a look. Sadly, we got to the location only to find that what he saw was definitely NOT what we wanted. But, something had turned up on the internet that made us curious so we decided to head out to that location. What could it hurt?

When we arrived at the dealership, we, again, didn’t see what we wanted. There was just a feeling of gloom–they had advertised two vehicles and we couldn’t find them. False advertising? Bait and switch? Then, perhaps through Divine Providence, we turned the corner into another row of vehicles and, low and behold, there they were.  Two beautiful RAM 3500 Turbo-Diesel trucks. YES!!!  (Fist pump!) Divine Providence? Well, we found exactly what we were looking for, with the only exception being the color.  We can live with that.  And, ironically, both of these trucks, 2014 models, are BRAND NEW!! They never left the lot. So, we made our choice and now have a brand new truck that we’ll pick up next week and drive to the RV dealership to place the order for our new home.

Our New Dually

Our New Dually

Is patience a virtue? All things come when they’re supposed to, always on time.  WHOO-HOO!!


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